Effect Match Names Reference (for After Effects CC 2017 (14.0))

This page lists the categories, display names, internal matchNames, and version number strings for the bundled effects. Use these values when you need to reference an effect. Click a table heading to sort by that criteria.

Effect CategoryDisplay NameMatch NameVersion
3D Channel3D Channel ExtractADBE AUX CHANNEL EXTRACT1.5x1
3D ChannelDepth MatteADBE DEPTH MATTE1.6x1
3D ChannelDepth of FieldADBE DEPTH FIELD1.6x1
3D ChannelEXtractoREXtractoR1.9
3D ChannelFog 3DADBE FOG_3D1.5x1
3D ChannelID MatteADBE ID MATTE1.5
3D ChannelIDentifierIDentifier1.9
AudioBackwardsADBE Aud Reverse1.4x0
AudioBass & TrebleADBE Aud BT1.5x1
AudioDelayADBE Aud Delay1.11x1
AudioFlange & ChorusADBE Aud_Flange1.7x1
AudioHigh-Low PassADBE Aud HiLo1.5x1
AudioModulatorADBE Aud Modulator1.1x1
AudioParametric EQADBE Param EQ1.8
AudioReverbADBE Aud Reverb1.6x1
AudioStereo MixerADBE Aud Stereo Mixer1.2x1
AudioToneADBE Aud Tone1.7x1
Blur & SharpenBilateral BlurADBE Bilateral1.0
Blur & SharpenBox BlurADBE Box Blur21.0
Blur & SharpenCamera Lens BlurADBE Camera Lens Blur1.0
Blur & SharpenCC Cross BlurCS CrossBlur1.2
Blur & SharpenCC Radial BlurCC Radial Blur1.5
Blur & SharpenCC Radial Fast BlurCC Radial Fast Blur1.5
Blur & SharpenCC Vector BlurCC Vector Blur1.5
Blur & SharpenChannel BlurADBE Channel Blur1.6
Blur & SharpenCompound BlurADBE Compound Blur1.5
Blur & SharpenDirectional BlurADBE Motion Blur2.5.1
Blur & SharpenGaussian BlurADBE Gaussian Blur 21.0
Blur & SharpenRadial BlurADBE Radial Blur2.11
Blur & SharpenSharpenADBE Sharpen1.8
Blur & SharpenSmart BlurADBE Smart Blur1.0x0
Blur & SharpenUnsharp MaskADBE Unsharp Mask21.2
ChannelArithmeticADBE Arithmetic2.5
ChannelBlendADBE Blend1.8
ChannelCalculationsADBE Calculations1.0x0
ChannelCC CompositeCC Composite1.7
ChannelChannel CombinerADBE Channel Combiner1.0
ChannelCompound ArithmeticADBE Compound Arithmetic2.0
ChannelInvertADBE Invert2.8
ChannelMinimaxADBE Minimax3.0
ChannelRemove Color MattingADBE Remove Color Matting1.1
ChannelSet ChannelsADBE Set Channels3.0.1
ChannelSet MatteADBE Set Matte32.3
ChannelShift ChannelsADBE Shift Channels2.0
ChannelSolid CompositeADBE Solid Composite1.0
Color CorrectionAuto ColorADBE AutoColor1.0
Color CorrectionAuto ContrastADBE AutoContrast1.0
Color CorrectionAuto LevelsADBE AutoLevels1.0
Color CorrectionBlack & WhiteADBE Black&White1.0
Color CorrectionBrightness & ContrastADBE Brightness & Contrast 21.0
Color CorrectionBroadcast ColorsADBE Broadcast Colors2.3
Color CorrectionCC Color NeutralizerCS Color Neutralizer1.1
Color CorrectionCC Color OffsetCC Color Offset1.7
Color CorrectionCC KernelCS Kernel1.0
Color CorrectionCC TonerCC Toner1.5
Color CorrectionChange ColorADBE Change Color2.0
Color CorrectionChange to ColorADBE Change To Color1.0.1
Color CorrectionChannel MixerADBE CHANNEL MIXER2.0x1
Color CorrectionColor BalanceADBE Color Balance 22.1x1
Color CorrectionColor Balance (HLS)ADBE Color Balance (HLS)2.4
Color CorrectionColor LinkADBE Color Link1.1
Color CorrectionColor StabilizerADBE Deflicker1.0
Color CorrectionColoramaAPC Colorama1.1x1
Color CorrectionCurvesADBE CurvesCustom2.4
Color CorrectionEqualizeADBE Equalize2.3
Color CorrectionExposureADBE Exposure21.0
Color CorrectionGamma/Pedestal/GainADBE Gamma/Pedestal/Gain22.0
Color CorrectionHue/SaturationADBE HUE SATURATION3.0.1
Color CorrectionLeave ColorADBE Leave Color2.3
Color CorrectionLevelsADBE Easy Levels22.5
Color CorrectionLevels (Individual Controls)ADBE Pro Levels22.5
Color CorrectionLumetri ColorADBE Lumetri3.0x0
Color CorrectionPhoto FilterADBE PhotoFilterPS1.0
Color CorrectionPS Arbitrary MapADBE PS Arbitrary Map1.7
Color CorrectionSelective ColorADBE SelectiveColor1.0
Color CorrectionShadow/HighlightADBE ShadowHighlight1.0
Color CorrectionTintADBE Tint2.4
Color CorrectionTritoneADBE Tritone1.0
Color CorrectionVibranceADBE Vibrance1.0
DistortBezier WarpADBE BEZMESH2.0x0
DistortBulgeADBE Bulge2.10
DistortCC Bend ItCC Bend It1.4
DistortCC BenderCC Bender1.4
DistortCC BlobbylizeCC Blobbylize1.7
DistortCC Flo MotionCC Flo Motion1.8
DistortCC GriddlerCC Griddler2.1
DistortCC LensCC Lens2.0
DistortCC Page TurnCC Page Turn2.1
DistortCC Power PinCC Power Pin1.9
DistortCC Ripple PulseCC Ripple Pulse1.6
DistortCC SlantCC Slant2.0
DistortCC SmearCC Smear1.8
DistortCC SplitCC Split1.4
DistortCC Split 2CC Split 21.6
DistortCC TilerCC Tiler1.7
DistortCorner PinADBE Corner Pin2.0
DistortDetail-preserving UpscaleADBE Upscale1.1
DistortDisplacement MapADBE Displacement Map2.6
DistortLiquifyADBE LIQUIFY3.0x0
DistortMagnifyADBE Magnify1.1
DistortMesh WarpADBE MESH WARP2.0x0
DistortMirrorADBE Mirror2.4
DistortOffsetADBE Offset2.2
DistortOptics CompensationADBE Optics Compensation1.1
DistortPolar CoordinatesADBE Polar Coordinates2.3
DistortReshapeADBE RESHAPE3.0x0
DistortRippleADBE Ripple2.4
DistortRolling Shutter RepairADBE Rolling Shutter1.0x0
DistortSmearADBE SCHMEAR3.0x0
DistortSpherizeADBE Spherize2.3
DistortTransformADBE Geometry22.0
DistortTurbulent DisplaceADBE Turbulent Displace1.1
DistortTwirlADBE Twirl2.4
DistortWarpADBE WRPMESH1.0x0
DistortWarp Stabilizer VFXADBE SubspaceStabilizer1.1
DistortWave WarpADBE Wave Warp2.7.1
Expression Controls3D Point ControlADBE Point3D Control1.0
Expression ControlsAngle ControlADBE Angle Control1.0
Expression ControlsCheckbox ControlADBE Checkbox Control1.0
Expression ControlsColor ControlADBE Color Control1.0
Expression ControlsLayer ControlADBE Layer Control1.0
Expression ControlsPoint ControlADBE Point Control1.0
Expression ControlsSlider ControlADBE Slider Control1.0
Generate4-Color GradientADBE 4ColorGradient1.1
GenerateAdvanced LightningADBE Lightning 21.1
GenerateAudio SpectrumADBE AudSpect2.6x2
GenerateAudio WaveformADBE AudWave2.6x3
GenerateBeamADBE Laser1.8x0
GenerateCC Glue GunCC Glue Gun1.7
GenerateCC Light Burst 2.5CC Light Burst 2.53.3
GenerateCC Light RaysCC Light Rays1.8
GenerateCC Light SweepCC Light Sweep1.6
GenerateCC ThreadsCS Threads1.0
GenerateCell PatternADBE Cell Pattern1.1
GenerateCheckerboardADBE Checkerboard1.0
GenerateCircleADBE Circle1.1
GenerateEllipseADBE ELLIPSE1.0x1
GenerateEyedropper FillADBE Eyedropper Fill1.0.1
GenerateFillADBE Fill1.8x0
GenerateFractalADBE Fractal2.0
GenerateGradient RampADBE Ramp3.2
GenerateGridADBE Grid1.1
GenerateLens FlareADBE Lens Flare1.0
GeneratePaint BucketADBE Paint Bucket1.1
GenerateRadio WavesAPC Radio Waves1.1x1
GenerateScribbleADBE Scribble Fill1.0x0
GenerateStrokeADBE Stroke1.6x0
GenerateVegasAPC Vegas1.1x1
GenerateWrite-onADBE Write-on1.5
KeyingAdvanced Spill SuppressorADBE Spill21.0
KeyingCC Simple Wire RemovalCC Simple Wire Removal1.8
KeyingColor Difference KeyADBE Color Difference Key2.12
KeyingColor RangeADBE Color Range1.13
KeyingDifference MatteADBE Difference Matte22.0
KeyingExtractADBE Extract1.8
KeyingInner/Outer KeyADBE ATG Extract1.3
KeyingKey CleanerADBE KeyCleaner1.0
KeyingKeylight (1.2)Keylight 9061.2
KeyingLinear Color KeyADBE Linear Color Key23.5
MatteMatte ChokerADBE Matte Choker2.0
Mattemocha shapeISL MochaShapeImporter1.0x1
MatteRefine Hard MatteADBE RefineRBMatte1.1
MatteRefine Soft MatteADBE RefineMatte21.0
MatteSimple ChokerADBE Simple Choker2.0
Noise & GrainAdd GrainVISINF Grain Implant3.0
Noise & GrainDust & ScratchesADBE Dust & Scratches1.0x0
Noise & GrainFractal NoiseADBE Fractal Noise1.0
Noise & GrainMatch GrainVISINF Grain Duplication3.0
Noise & GrainMedianADBE Median2.2
Noise & GrainNoiseADBE Noise2.6
Noise & GrainNoise AlphaADBE Noise Alpha21.1
Noise & GrainNoise HLSADBE Noise HLS21.0.1
Noise & GrainNoise HLS AutoADBE Noise HLS Auto21.0.1
Noise & GrainRemove GrainVISINF Grain Removal3.0
Noise & GrainTurbulent NoiseADBE AIF Perlin Noise 3D1.0
ObsoleteBasic 3DADBE Basic 3D4.0
ObsoleteBasic TextADBE Basic Text25.2
ObsoleteColor KeyADBE Color Key2.4
ObsoleteFast BlurADBE Fast Blur2.1
ObsoleteGaussian Blur (Legacy)ADBE Gaussian Blur2.7
ObsoleteLightningADBE Lightning1.12
ObsoleteLuma KeyADBE Luma Key2.4
ObsoletePath TextADBE Path Text4.7x13
ObsoleteReduce Interlace FlickerADBE Reduce Interlace Flicker2.1
ObsoleteSpill SuppressorADBE Spill Suppressor1.4
Perspective3D Camera TrackerADBE 3D Tracker1.1
Perspective3D GlassesADBE 3D Glasses22.0.1
PerspectiveBevel AlphaADBE Bevel Alpha1.7
PerspectiveBevel EdgesADBE Bevel Edges1.8
PerspectiveCC CylinderCC Cylinder1.6
PerspectiveCC EnvironmentCC Environment1.4
PerspectiveCC SphereCC Sphere2.3
PerspectiveCC SpotlightCC Spotlight1.8
PerspectiveDrop ShadowADBE Drop Shadow2.8
PerspectiveRadial ShadowADBE Radial Shadow1.1
SimulationCard DanceAPC CardDanceCam1.1x1
SimulationCausticsAPC Caustics1.1x1
SimulationCC Ball ActionCC Ball Action2.0
SimulationCC BubblesCC Bubbles2.2
SimulationCC DrizzleCC Drizzle1.6
SimulationCC HairCC Hair1.5
SimulationCC Mr. MercuryCC Mr. Mercury1.9
SimulationCC Particle Systems IICC Particle Systems II2.0
SimulationCC Particle WorldCC Particle World1.9.3
SimulationCC Pixel PollyCC Pixel Polly1.8
SimulationCC RainfallCSRainfall1.1
SimulationCC ScatterizeCC Scatterize1.8
SimulationCC SnowfallCSSnowfall1.1
SimulationCC Star BurstCC Star Burst2.1
SimulationFoamAPC Foam1.1x1
SimulationParticle PlaygroundADBE Playgnd3.13
SimulationShatterAPC Shatter1.1x1
SimulationWave WorldAPC Wave World1.1x1
StylizeBrush StrokesADBE Brush Strokes2.3
StylizeCartoonADBE Cartoonify1.0
StylizeCC Block LoadCS BlockLoad1.1
StylizeCC Burn FilmCC Burn Film1.6
StylizeCC GlassCC Glass1.7
StylizeCC HexTileCS HexTile1.0
StylizeCC KaleidaCC Kaleida1.8
StylizeCC Mr. SmoothieCC Mr. Smoothie1.4
StylizeCC PlasticCC Plastic1.3
StylizeCC RepeTileCC RepeTile1.8
StylizeCC ThresholdCC Threshold1.6
StylizeCC Threshold RGBCC Threshold RGB1.6
StylizeCC VignetteCS Vignette1.0
StylizeColor EmbossADBE Color Emboss2.0
StylizeEmbossADBE Emboss2.3
StylizeFind EdgesADBE Find Edges1.5
StylizeGlowADBE Glo22.6
StylizeMosaicADBE Mosaic1.7
StylizeMotion TileADBE Tile1.9
StylizePosterizeADBE Posterize2.0x1
StylizeRoughen EdgesADBE Roughen Edges1.0.1
StylizeScatterADBE Scatter2.3
StylizeStrobe LightADBE Strobe1.10
StylizeTexturizeADBE Texturize2.2
StylizeThresholdADBE Threshold22.2
Synthetic ApertureSA Color Finesse 3SYNTHAP CF Color Finesse 23.0.15
TextNumbersADBE Numbers23.15
TextTimecodeADBE Timecode2.5
TimeCC Force Motion BlurCC Force Motion Blur1.8
TimeCC Wide TimeCC Wide Time1.7
TimeEchoADBE Echo2.5
TimePixel Motion BlurADBE OFMotionBlur1.0x0
TimePosterize TimeADBE Posterize Time1.5
TimeTime DifferenceADBE Difference1.1
TimeTime DisplacementADBE Time Displacement1.6.1
TimeTimewarpADBE Timewarp1.0x0
TransitionBlock DissolveADBE Block Dissolve2.5
TransitionCard WipeAPC CardWipeCam1.1x1
TransitionCC Glass WipeCC Glass Wipe1.9
TransitionCC Grid WipeCC Grid Wipe1.5
TransitionCC Image WipeCC Image Wipe1.6
TransitionCC JawsCC Jaws1.5
TransitionCC Light WipeCC Light Wipe1.5
TransitionCC Line SweepCS LineSweep1.0
TransitionCC Radial ScaleWipeCC Radial ScaleWipe1.8
TransitionCC Scale WipeCC Scale Wipe1.6
TransitionCC TwisterCC Twister1.6
TransitionCC WarpoMaticCC WarpoMatic1.3
TransitionGradient WipeADBE Gradient Wipe1.6
TransitionIris WipeADBE IRIS_WIPE1.4x0
TransitionLinear WipeADBE Linear Wipe2.2
TransitionRadial WipeADBE Radial Wipe2.3
TransitionVenetian BlindsADBE Venetian Blinds2.3
UtilityApply Color LUTADBE Apply Color LUT21.1
UtilityCC OverbrightsCC Overbrights1.0
UtilityCineon ConverterADBE Cineon Converter21.3
UtilityColor Profile ConverterADBE ProfileToProfile1.0
UtilityGrow BoundsADBE GROW BOUNDS1.1x1
UtilityHDR CompanderADBE Compander1.0
UtilityHDR Highlight CompressionADBE HDR ToneMap1.0
_ObsoletePaintADBE Paint1.0
_ObsoleteRoto Brush & Refine EdgeADBE Samurai2.0
_ObsoletePuppetADBE FreePin31.5x0
_ObsoleteRefine MatteADBE RefineMatte1.0
_Obsolete3D Glasses (Obsolete)ADBE 3D Glasses2.0.1
_ObsoleteAlpha LevelsADBE Alpha Levels21.4
_ObsoleteAlpha LevelsADBE Alpha Levels31.4
_ObsoleteApply Color LUTADBE Apply Color LUT1.0
_ObsoleteBrightness & ContrastADBE Brightness & Contrast2.5
_ObsoleteBox BlurADBE Box Blur1.0
_ObsoleteCineon ConverterADBE Cineon Converter1.3
_ObsoleteColor BalanceADBE Color Balance1.9
_ObsoleteExposureADBE Exposure1.0
_ObsoleteLens BlurADBE Lens Blur1.0
_ObsoleteLevels (Individual Controls)ADBE Pro Levels2.5
_ObsoleteLevelsADBE Easy Levels2.5
_ObsoleteNoise AlphaADBE Noise Alpha1.1
_ObsoleteNoise HLSADBE Noise HLS1.0.1
_ObsoleteNoise HLS AutoADBE Noise HLS Auto1.0.1
_ObsoletePhoto FilterADBE Photo Filter1.0
_ObsoletePhotoshop Bevel And EmbossADBE PSL Bevel Emboss1.2
_ObsoletePhotoshop Drop ShadowADBE PSL Drop Shadow1.2
_ObsoletePhotoshop Inner GlowADBE PSL Inner Glow1.2
_ObsoletePhotoshop Inner ShadowADBE PSL Inner Shadow1.2
_ObsoletePhotoshop Outer GlowADBE PSL Outer Glow1.2
_ObsoletePhotoshop Solid FillADBE PSL Solid Fill1.2
_ObsoleteSet MatteADBE Set Matte22.3
_ObsoleteThree-Way Color CorrectorADBE Three-Way Color Corrector1.0x2
_ObsoleteThresholdADBE Threshold2.2
_ObsoleteTransformADBE Geometry2.0
_ObsoleteUnsharp MaskADBE Unsharp Mask1.2
_ObsoleteVector PaintADBE Vector Paint1.2.2
_ObsoleteCC PS Classic (obsolete)CC PS Classic1.6
_ObsoleteCC PS LE Classic (obsolete)CC PS LE Classic1.6
_ObsoleteCC RainCC Rain2.1
_ObsoleteCC SnowCC Snow2.1
_ObsoleteCC Time BlendCC Time Blend1.5
_ObsoleteCC Time Blend FXCC Time Blend FX1.5