rd: Gimme Prop Path

This script displays the scripting and expression code needed to access the selected property or property group. Use this information to access the selection correctly in your code.

Select only a single property or property group; selection of some properties also select the parent property group, which is fine. Selection of multiple properties or property groups at the same property depth are not allowed. However, for multiple properties or property groups of different depths, the deepest property or property group will be used.

You can control the root object used in the generated code, how properties and property groups are referenced (and if index numbers should be used, when available), and how the composition or layer is referenced in the expression code.

The generated scripting and expression code can be copied for use in your scripts or expressions. You can also test the generated script code to make sure it will access the correct property or property group.

Note: If the Root Object = Layer and Expression References = Relative, the displayed expression code will work only if it is used on the same layer.

Note: For properties such as Custom Value types that cannot be targeted via expressions, a “NOT FUNCTIONAL” label will appear above the Via Expression area.

Note: This version of the script requires After Effects CS5 or later. It can be used as a dockable panel by placing the script in a ScriptUI Panels subfolder of the Scripts folder, and then choosing this script from the Window menu.

Thanks to Dan Ebberts for the idea for this script and help in reviewing it.

rd: Gimme Prop Path

revision history

v3.011-may-2013Updated minimum version to CS5, added small UI tweaks for CC, and cleaned up some code.
v2.018-aug-2007Requires AE CS3. Can work as a dockable panel or a palette. Adds compact English equivalents for layer style properties, but no shape layer and Puppet tool properties at this time.
v1.017-jan-2006Initial release. Use for AE 7.0.