Avid (Softimage) Marquee

Avid Marquee® (subsequently branded as Softimage® Marquee) is a cross-platform 3D title-animation software package for IRIX® (Silicon Graphics®) and Windows NT® operating systems. The software was tied closely to the OpenGL® feature set, which required robust OpenGL support in display drivers. The product provided powerful 3D content-creation tools that were easy and intuitive to use. Although Marquee won several industry awards, the standalone version was discontinued in 1999; however, the technology has since been integrated into Avid®'s other video editing systems, including Avid Symphony™ and Avid|DS.

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my role on this project

  • Created cross-platform hardcopy documentation and online help system; online help included platform-specific context-sensitive help (HTML-based help for IRIX, WinHelp for Windows NT)
  • Ensured user interfaces complied with company- and platform-specific user interface guidelines; documented the user interface guidelines for the engineering staff
  • Laid out some of the controls in dialog boxes and windows (Windows NT version)
  • Worked with the graphic artist to assemble toolbar and program icons, splash screens, installer billboards, and marketing materials
  • Created the InstallShield-based installer for Windows NT
  • Wrote the hardcopy documentation, platform-specific online help system (HTML-based help for IRIX, WinHelp for Windows NT), and readme files
  • Created an OpenGL hardware qualification and benchmarking kit (known as “MarqueeMark”) that allowed third-party hardware vendors to easily qualify their hardware and drivers
  • Worked with the corporate legal department to ensure legal requirements were met
  • Trained the internal customer support representatives and sales professionals on the product’s features
  • Tested the product and helped administer the beta test program

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