Avid NetReview

Avid® NetReview™, an enterprise-level product based on the AvidProNet™ Review & Approval™ Web-based service, was Avid®'s first media review tool for corporate environments. The NetReview system shared similar functionality to Review & Approval, but allowed the in-house network/system administrator to control access to the system. Companies that did not want their material to leave their premises could use NetReview to manage media review within the corporate firewall (although Web-based access was not restricted, if the company wanted to manage the security issues involved with placing a server outside their firewall).

netreview - review applet page   netreview - server configuration page   netreview - report results page   

my role on this project

  • Marked-up Web pages, and worked with the graphic artist to create graphics for the service
  • Assisted with the user interface design and implementation
  • Assembled a Flash®-based marketing demo of the product
  • Helped test the service
  • Mentored the technical writer and supervised the creation of the hardcopy and online documentation set
  • Worked with engineering staff to ensure code and scripts were formatted properly and contained appropriate legal text
  • Worked with the quality assurance staff to ensure test coverage
  • Worked with the networking and engineering staff to create gold master CDs

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