AvidProNet Review & Approval

The AvidProNet™ Review & Approval™ service was Avid®'s first Web-based media review tool. With Review & Approval, video editors could send drafts of work-in-progress to interested clients and decision makers for their comments and sign-off (using a Java-based review tool), and then import their frame-accurate comments back into their Avid editing system. This new workflow saved time and money, allowing users to skip the process of dubbing and sending a video tape via courier, and storing old video tapes. The security and privacy of customer information was critical to this service, so the software used 128-bit encryption, SSL connections, and password-based user logins; the servers and service also passed a security audit.

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my role on this project

  • Marked-up Web pages, and worked with the graphic artist to create graphics for the service
  • Assisted with the user interface design and implementation
  • Assembled and marked-up an online-based overview of the service
  • Helped test the service
  • Mentored the technical writer and supervised the creation of the online documentation set
  • Worked with engineering staff to ensure code and scripts were formatted properly and contained appropriate legal text
  • Worked with the quality assurance staff to ensure test coverage
  • Worked with the networking and engineering staff to deploy the site to staging and production (live) servers

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