Profound Effects Useful Things

Profound Effects™ Useful Things® is a programmable Adobe® After Effects® plug-in that comes with more than 100 effects, ready to use, that create motion graphics; camera POVs; targeting effects; HUDS; control panels; alien and robotic POVs; on-set display graphics; meters and gauges; type-on and write-on text effects; particle effects; rolls, crawls, and lower thirds; sub-titles; audio-based effects; and tons of just plain cool visual elements.

useful things   

my role on this project

  • Created the User Guide and Scripting Reference; delivered as a PDF file
  • Administered the beta program
  • Helped test the software and installer
  • Marked-up product pages for the Web site
  • Created a private community area on the Web site called Profound eXchange (PX)
  • Created custom Python scripts for use with the plug-in

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