The site (available as a standalone site from 2000 to 2002) was the content and community Web site for Avid Technology, Inc. The site was developed as a way for the numerous video/film editors, artists, and media professionals that use Avid equipment to share their knowledge and experiences, and as a platform for Avid's Web-based services (such as Review & Approval™). The community-related features are now part of the Avid Web site.

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my role on this project

  • Managed the production and deployment process for the site
  • Constructed the page templates based on graphic mockups
  • Hand-coded the HTML pages (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SSI, Perl/CGI, ASP/VBScript, XHTML)
  • Assisted in the graphic design with the graphic artist
  • Optimized and sliced the Photoshop mockups into image files
  • Cleaned up the code for existing pages, including initial work on XHTML compatibility
  • Developed the production style guide (coding guidelines, color palettes)
  • Worked with the Legal department to integrate electronic software license agreements (EULAs), terms of use, and privacy policies; integrated localized legal documents
  • Deployed pages onto our dedicated Web servers; used remote-access (pcAnywhere) and FTP tools

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